A visit to a naprapath practice

On this page we will describe what to expect when you visit a fully certified naprapath.
Patient history
In order to know what to focus on when I examine a patient, it is necessary to receive some background information about the problem. During this part of the examination the patient basically tells me about Where, When and How his/her problems started.

When I examine the patient, I try to confirm what I suspect after having heard the patient’s history. This can be done in a standing, sitting or lying position. Orthopedic tests are performed in order to examine whether the patient is suffering from something serious. At the end of the examination a diagnosis has been determined and we know what the problem is.

The main purpose of the treatment is to achieve full mobility in the joints that are bothering the patient. I apply a method of treatment called manipulation; here the joint is stretched to achieve a separation of the joints, which makes a better mobility possible.

Therapy with electricity
Therapy with electricity is one possibility when we want to try to make the muscles in the affected area relax, since the musculature is affected both mechanically and neurologically by the affected spine.

I practice massage, but never as sole treatment. When massage is necessary, it functions as a complement to the rest of the treatment.

At the end of the treatment we try to stretch the muscle in order to regain its full function.

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